Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Shopping

We have an exchange student staying with us this year. She's a lovely girl and has settled into our family nicely. Here's my dilemma, what do I get the kid for Christmas? I want to give her something similar to what I would give my own kids, but honestly I haven't known her for that long.

Sassy's getting an iPod - will it cause hurt feelings if I get the same thing for our student? Little Big Man doesn't want an iPod (he usually wants $$$). I think gift cards are fine for filling in or as stocking stuffers, but they're a little impersonal. When I ask her what she'd like, she says, "Oh, it's enough that you choosed me to stay with you. I don't need any gifts." Not helpful.

Has anyone else had a student they've had to buy for? Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

they have the most wonderful gift sets at Bath and Body Works and what girl can not fall in love with a gift of great scents and lotions.

Anonymous said...

kindle ... perfect gift

Rosa said...

If you have the money, get her the same iPod. It'll be a huge thrill for her. :)