Sunday, January 03, 2010

That was fast

I've been off work on medical leave since November 16. I'm very appreciative of the time off, especially since after the first 3 weeks or so, it's been kind of fun. I go back to work tomorrow. I had a big list of things I wanted to get done today:
  1. Mix dye stock
  2. Dye some superwash fiber for my Etsy store
  3. Organize my backpack
  4. Clean up the house
  5. Get started on 2009 tax organizer
Here's what I actually got done:
  1. Read a little
  2. Knit a little
  3. Spin a little
  4. Watch football on TV
  5. Open all the mail I let pile up last week
I could not get myself motivated to do anything on what I kept calling MY LAST DAY. I wanted to get things done. I just couldn't do it. I'm having the hardest time facing getting up early every day, having to get showered and dressed, no mid-afternoon nap, and (the hardest of all) having to be NICE to people every day.

I can't even get motivated enough to stop whining and write something interesting. Wait, I do have something to be happy about - I still have a job, with good benefits and a great boss. I guess I'll get through my first week back and have something good to say. It won't be a total loss. Plus, I'll have an extra day off in May, right?

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Anonymous said...

Going back is the hardest part. Give it a few days. However I hear you on wanting to get more done than actually happens. Story of my life.