Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Review

Me: Stories of My Life, Katharine Hepburn originally published: 1991 I started reading this book in October 2009 and didn't finish it until the absolute end of the year. It's not that it wasn't good - it was. It was actually like sitting down with Kate Hepburn, having tea, and letting her talk. I couldn't read much at one sitting without getting a little irritated.

I don't have many older relatives, but I remember my grandmother as she aged rattling off the things she did like it was a grocery list. That's this book, but with more interesting stories. There's some gossip here, but Hepburn has too much class to air her laundry, so it's quite tame. She tells the stories as she thinks of them, the book might have benefited from some sort of organization, but I think Hepburn's voice may have been lost.

What I really liked was her attitude to her career. "I'm lucky," she said over and over throughout the book. She was appreciative of her parents, her assistants, her ex-husband - anyone who had helped her in anyway was acknowledged and thanked. I found that really refreshing.
This book is the perfect bathroom book. Great in short bursts, but difficult to read a lot in one sitting. Overall, interesting, but not a must read unless you're a Hepburn fan.

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