Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stick a Fork in Me

I knew that by today I would be toast at work. Not much good for anything. So I pre-planned to leave work early. But you can't just go home when you leave early - so I went to Jillian's house.

Jillian, Erica, and I have committed to spinning 4 oz of fiber every week in 2010. (We'll be blogging about it at 13 Pounds.) I wanted pictures of all the fiber before I started to spin it, so J suggested I come to her house and take advantage of her light box. I went through my spinning room and pulled out all the likely candidates. I was a little surprised at what I had. All different kinds of fiber (superwash, corriedale, wensleydale, merino/tencel, BFL, alpaca/silk blend) and amazing amounts of color.

The idea is to spin a lot and learn even more. It's going to be a blast with all of us spinning up different stuff and discussing it. Erica and Jillian are amazing spinners. Erica has a fearless quality about her that inspires me. She was never told, "that's too hard for a beginner", so she jumps into everything. Jillian enables me "Looook, it's orange, I think it has your name on it!" I can't think of 2 people who will challenge me more to become a better spinner. Progress!

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