Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Review

U is for Undertow, Sue Grafton
originally published in 2009

I could just say, "the best one yet" and be correct, but that seems a little too simple. I started reading this alphabet series after Grafton had written four of them. I loved her descriptions of everything and felt like I was sitting on a park bench in Santa Teresa. I still feel that way.

I met Sue Grafton at a book signing once. She had spoken about how she received letters from people admonishing her about how much Kinsey swore. She reacted by having Kinsey swear less, but felt uneasy about it. Eventually she decided that Kinsey swore because that's who she was and Grafton stopped trying to "fix" it.

In the last couple of books, I felt that Kinsey had hit her stride. She is who she is (so to speak) and she's comfortable with it (and so is Grafton). I loved this book and the only bad thing is how quickly I read it. Now I have to WAIT for the next one.

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