Thursday, May 08, 2003

Boy did I get lucky the other day. After I posted about those Mountain Colors socks and the requests from the fellows I work with, I went over to the local yarn shop (Knit a Round) just to see what was what. After I had chosen my skeins (and of course performed the obligatory walk about) I plopped my yarn on the counter to pay. The cashier handed me a box with those plastic needle holders (that always look like sticky candy to me) and told me to chose one. "What the heck," I figured, "I'll never use it, but who am I to turn down a freebie?" The cashier then informs me that I get 20% off my purchase for picking "the good one." Woohoo! Then she gives me a pattern book too - "This is all for our 3rd anniversary sale." I love local yarn shops!

Things are shaping up for a whole fibery weekend! My husband won a weekend stay at a hotel on the other side of the state and decided he just didn't have time to go over there. He said (I'm not kidding) "Are there any fibery places over on the west side of the state you've been dying to visit?" I called my friend Jillian faster than fast and asked, "Are you available and how many shops can we hit between here and Grand Rapids?" She's already got 7 on the itinerary and has informed me that "we have to buy something from each place!" What fun - and what a good husband/enabler.

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