Saturday, December 03, 2011

Day 3: Etsy Shop

I have an Etsy shop. I opened it a couple of years ago because I was dyeing so much fiber and I couldn't spin it as fast as I could knit it. Then I decided to start dyeing sock yarn. That was a lot of fun too, but again, how much sock yarn can you stash? (Okay, a lot, I know, but it was getting ridiculous).

I spent some time today taking pictures of some of my yarn to upload. It's kind of a challenge to come up with creative ways to take pictures of yarn, but I try. Here are some of my results. Thoughts? Do they show the yarn to its full advantage? What else would you like to see in a yarn photo?







Peggie Arvidson said...

These yarns are LUCIOUS. trying to figure out how to make room for some now.....

Carla said...

Thanks Peggie! I have a lot of fun mixed and splashing. Nothing makes me happier than a quiet house and softly bubbling pots on the stove.