Thursday, December 04, 2003

Today I am Lucky Girl

I called my hair salon to see if I could get in for a hair cut. I haven't had one in about 6 months, so I was kinda shaggy looking. I'm getting ready to go and reach into my briefcase to find my wallet and checkbook and find...nothing. They aren't there. So I do what everyone does in this situation, I scramble through the rest of my briefcase, check my coat pockets, and desk drawers - nothing. Then I remember I took them out of my briefcase and put them in my knitting basket last evening for Sassy's ballet class. Knitting basket is at home. With a heavy heart, I call my salon and tell them I don't have means with which to pay. (here's the lucky part) They told me to come anyway and I could drop a check by tomorrow. How cool is that?! So, now I'm head swinging, new haircut girl.

So, I'm swinging my head while driving back to the office and wondering if I can scrape up enough change to get a bagel to tide me over until dinner. I park my car (on the bottom level of the parking structure - someone was just pulling out), open up the armrest to see if there's any change and find...a $5 bill. Can you stand it??? I bought a sandwich for $4.02 (and I had .02 in my coat pocket). I'm thinking I should run out and buy a lottery ticket tonight with my lucky $1.

On a knitting note, I was resisting a certain pattern that it seems everyone is knitting right now. It's this one

Charlotte's web from the Koigu people (I'm really a ho for Koigu). I was resisting even though I saw all the lovely yarns and shawls that people are making. I can no longer resist. I must have this pattern. The most gorgeous one I've seen is on BoogaJ's site. (Click on the knitting gallery button - the shawl is the first thumbnail in the third row.) She picked my current favorite color (orange). Go take a look, it's really lovely. Hmmm, my salon is near the yarn shop I usually go to, maybe I'll swing by there tomorrow!

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