Monday, December 01, 2003

Nothing to see here

I am happy to report that my (soon to be ex) brother-in-law behaved himself at my house on Thursday. He showed up, sat in the living room watching football and golf, ate dinner, and left. There was no screaming and yelling and no ugly scene. The one blemish on the day was when my mother realized that she hadn't sauteed the onions and celery before adding them to the stuffing, and we could have used more pecan pie. My sister stepped into the dessert breech with a fabulous bourbon bread pudding courtesy of AJ. It was so yummy, there were no leftovers!

Jillian asked if I bought any of that lucious silk yarn I posted last week. Well, no, I didn't (yet), but I did buy 4 oz of this... I can't wait to spin this gorgeous stuff. I'll let you know how it is.

I must report that after complaining I had no shopping done, as of last night I'm 99% finished (I LOVE the internet). Can I whine a little that my 12-year-old son is harder to buy for than my 62-year-old father? The kid has everything he needs and can pretty much buy what he wants (allowance + a grandmother who's always finding some task for him to do and to pay him for). He's the only person I have left to buy for. I think I'll turn him over to Hub and make him do some shopping too.

Here's what I bought for myself...

I was laying on my couch on Thursday evening (my parents took my kids away and Hub went off to play cards with his brother-in-law) flipping through the channels. You know my travails in finding a suitable digital camera - I flipped onto QVC and there it was. It's perfect (or it looked perfect on TV). I'm supposed to have it in hand this week (it was shipped on Saturday). I can't wait!!

The kids have been bugging me to see this...

If you have anyone at your house who wants to see it, I would recommend NOT. I think Mike Myers is hysterical, the first Austin Powers movie had me crying with laughter. This cat is no Austin Powers. There was so much toilet humor in this movie, I was nauseous. It bears so little resemblance to my beloved Dr. Seuss version that I wanted to throw my popcorn at the screen. On the flip side, my children thought it was hysterical. So much for good upbringing.

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