Monday, December 08, 2003

Now, I give you...Productive Girl

First, go congratulate Amy on a gorgeous new Knitty! And, hey, how about those fabulous cover models!! I must tell you that I've seen this sweater in person and it's beyond beautiful. As Little Big Man would say, "Now you're famous and people will ask for your autograph."

I had an extremely productive weekend. My horrible mohair scarves are now behind me - I finished #3 on Saturday night! It felt so good to be done, I picked up the Emerald Isle Pullover and knit several inches closer to the top of the back. I actually thought that this weekend would be a spinning weekend, but didn't feel much like spinning anything.


should be on my doorstep this afternoon. So, I'm guessing that I'll feel like spinning. Hub finally saw the wheel for himself. We were at Nancy's house on Sunday and I dragged him in to have a look. He was pretty impressed with it and I think he secretly wants to try it out for himself.

My spinning guild asked all the members who went to SOAR to bring a selection of what they learned and what they bought to the meeting in January. Since I have so much stuff, I need to get busy making some sample skeins to bring in. Nancy has been productive indeed and she showed me a skein of everything she bought! Each one was lovelier than the last - I'll be ready to spin tonight!

Can someone goose UPS into delivering my camera? It's been over a week and I still don't have it. Sheesh, it's only coming from Pennsylvania!

One more question, is it too late to get Christmas stockings knit for my kids? In entrelac?

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