Friday, December 05, 2003

Still Lucky Girl

I drive over to my salon today to pay my bill (makes me feel a little like a guy with a bar tab). My stylist greeted me at the door with, "Oh, I forgot you were coming back today!" Of course, I feel weird, because my hair never looks like when she styles it (I know, she's using 2 hands and can stand behind me). Anyway, I have this weird piece of hair that always flips like Mary Tyler Moore's no matter what I do to it. So, I grab it and say, "What do I do with THIS?" "Don't you have any gel?" she snorts. "Umm, no. Not a drop in my house and I looked everywhere this morning."

She scans the shelf with product on it and asks the woman behind the counter, "Don't we have any of the slicker?" When the receptionist shakes her head, she runs back to her station and grabs her tube. "Here, take this." When I start to protest, she shoves it in my hands and moves behind the counter, "No, take it." (I think what is implicit here is that I really needed the slicker.) So I gave her a big tip. How cool is that?

Then I pick up lunch from my 2nd favorite Chinese place and drive to Jillian's for a grown-up lunch. Damn those kids are the cutest! That Henry could make child-haters want a baby; he's smiling and baby-talking now. Isobel showed me a couple of different jumps she knows and also how high she can jump. See, she's paying attention in gymnastics after all!

It was really hard to return to work, so I consoled myself on the Threadbear site. I haven't actually purchased yarn for the Charlotte's Web Shawl, but I sure looked at all the colors. In the end, I sent an e-mail to them and asked them to help me pick yarns to go with
this and this I should go home tonight and finish something - just so I feel justified in ordering something else. Wait a minute, I'm not on a yarn diet - am I?

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