Friday, August 01, 2003

Sock Frenzy

So I sat in my living room last night, waiting for the wrap up of the Tour de France on OLN and I was empty handed. I hate sitting with nothing to knit when I know I'm going to be in front of the TV for at least 2 hours. Okay, sure, I could have pulled out the seams on the Kandinsky Kimono, or the neckline on the Applegate Shirt, or fixed the screw up on the Vogue baby hat (more on that later), but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun as something new!

I ran out to my fiber room in the garage and dove into the sock yarns bins. I thought I had some of that Regia yarn that makes fake fair isle patterns - nope. But I did find a lovely blue Koigu. Grabbed the swift and ran back inside. Koigu balls up into a very small ball! I kept thinking, "I'm never gonna get a whole sock out of that." I have seen other people's socks made from Koigu, so I know it's possible - maybe I'll make toe ups. Only if I can find a heel I like - I really love the regular old heel stitch. I did knit a gauge swatch, but pulled it out right after I measured it - paranoia.

The Vogue baby hat. It's really lovely, the colors will work for a little girl, but I did switch it from flat knitting (garter stitch) to in the round. I didn't like the way the yarn was bunching up on the side of the piece (5 different colors). Then I kept thinking about how a seam would feel on a tiny bald head. So I started over and once I got to the top, did the 3-needle bind off, without even thinking about it. Now take a look at the picture again

You see that cool 4-way triangle closure on the top of the hat? Imagine mine looking very much like a garter stitch envelope and see why the 3-needle bind off isn't working for me. And I will honestly tell you that it took me 20 minutes of fiddling with the thing to realize what I had done wrong (it was one of my slow nights). In my defense, the directions are as clear as mud - big sigh. I'll fix it this weekend. The baby was being induced today, I hope everything's going well.

Crochet class tomorrow. I already have a crochet hook of the requisite size. I was pretty surprised at that. I bought it years ago to help me pick up dropped stitches and I'm amazed it still lives in my knitting box. A coupla hours with other knitting (and blogging) gals - woo hoo!!

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