Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Finally, the fellow socks are done. Here are Mark's...

The photo doesn't really show the beauty of the yarn. The base color is black and the loveliness of the yarn is in the subtlely of the purple and green bits that contrast with it. It's really more than he deserves. Am now working on the socks I promised my Aunt Brenda for her birthday. I think I'm tired of working on socks. It's time to start something new.

Had lunch with Jillian yesterday. She turned me on to "Chunky cherry chicken salad" from a local deli. So I stopped there on the way to her house to pick up sandwiches and cookies. She showed off her new Incredible Sweater Machine. She finished the back of a baby sweater in the time it took me to leave work, pick up lunch, and demonstrate the thing to me (in total about 25 minutes). She did her best siren song to convince me to buy one too (and I just might - 1/2 off? what a deal!). The best part (aside from the charming Isobel) was that I unloaded a bunch of crap about work and she sympathized and told me I was right and I went back to work feeling good about the day.

Got home and called Woodland Woolworks. They sent me a postcard letting me know that some of my order is backordered - they'll ship in 3-4 weeks!!! I figured it was the color cards. (Sort of - apparently the Jamieson's color cards are all gone and they're trying to find someone to make more.) Anyway, as it turns out, some of the yarn I ordered is out of stock. I switched the colors to something they had instock and they're shipping it out. Not a moment too soon.

My boy Lance is holding his own in the Tour. He is currently in 12th place after Stage 3. The mountain stages are coming up and he will shine.

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