Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I guess my 2 weeks off for the holidays did me more good than I thought. I've been extremely productive at work for the past 3 days - to the point where I turn around and say, "My god, it's 4:30 - where did the day go???" It's a good thing. I'm sure the productivity is helped by the fact that I had no less than 3 projects due by Friday. In case you're keeping track, 1 is done, 1 is 1/2 done, and 1 hasn't been started (a little wiggle room please).

Here's Little Big Man's stocking:

The tiny blue sock is one of my favorite socks of the Koigu variety. I don't think a little judicious felting is out of order here. The kid sure has delusions of grandeur. I think the foot part looks a little awkward, but they aren't supposed to look like they'd fit someone's foot are they? All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. I pulled out the yarn for Sassy's stocking (2 shades of purple and 1 of pink). I didn't like the way the 2 purples look together. One's a smoky purple and the other is a brighter shade. She also informed me that she's "not really into pink anymore." {sigh} Too bad, I'll have to go back to the yarn shop.

While I was knitting LBM's stocking over New Years, I asked my sister if she wanted stockings for her kids too. She said, "Is that some sort of comment on my children and their lack of stockings?!" "Um, no," I replied, "it was an offer of hand knitting stockings." I think she's a little on edge these days. I do have lots of time to get them finished though. Once more, public thanks to Sweatergirl for giving me permission not to make these things before ChrisTmas! I'm at least enjoying them.

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