Monday, January 05, 2004

ChrisTmas is officially over least at my house. The Border's workers have stopped striking and since my gift cards were burning a hole in my pocket, I stopped over there while I was out for lunch. Here was my dilemma, do I buy this book or do I buy this book?

I stood in the store and pulled them both out. They both have some really cool patterns - no help there. SNB was cheaper (which would allow me to pick up a magazine as well as the book and still not pay extra). I really love the recipes and other fun things sprinkled in Weekend Knitting (knitting and movies, when guests want to knit, etc.). You know what made up my mind which one to buy? (I hesitate to say this for fear you'll think me shallow.) The anorexic chick in the red bikini in SNB just grossed me out. The whole cowboy hat and boots with the teeny, tiny bikini - please someone make her eat something. So, I sit here at work with my new copy of Weekend Knitting, I'm a happy girl.

I finished Little Big Man's stocking this morning - Kitchener stitched up the toe. When I showed it to him and told him I was going to full it a bit, he asked, "Will that make it shrink?"

I said, "A little bit, but..."

"NO, NO, don't make it any smaller." Now, I didn't take a picture of it this morning, but take my word for it - it's huge. I used 3 skeins of Cascade 220 in this thing. Sassy picked it up and said, "Who's this for?" When I told her, she said, "Are you going to make one for me too?" I told her no, then she pouted. After letting her stew for a little bit, I asked, "Why would you think I'd make something for him and not do the same for you? Has that ever happened?" Once she debated the wisdom of that comment, she was happy. Her's will be 2 shades of purple and 1 of pink - if I can stand it.

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