Wednesday, January 28, 2004

At least I made good use of my time...

These are finished:

I did take a picture of Sassy actually wearing these, however it was snapped after she dropped the camera. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, so she doesn't look very happy in them. (I love that you can immediately delete any picture you hate with these things!)

I must admit, I didn't much like making these mittens. They're knit with Koigu (thanks again Jillian) on US #1s. I really like the density of the fabric on ones. I think they're perfect for keeping little hands warm. What I didn't like was knitting around on 19 stitches for the thumb. Either I need to get shorter DPNs or make bigger mittens. Next up is a pair of gloves for me. (I may go insane knitting all those fingers.)

I also used the old drop spindle yesterday. Here's why:

I was going through some stash to pick out what I wanted to include in the Great Stash Redistribution Project (I should be getting the Slip Stitch box soon). I came across this gorgeous wool and tencel blend that I bought in Boston (I think, but I have no idea when). I want to spin it now!! Puritan that I am, I have to finish spinning the maroon roving that I started back in November. I swear this stuff breeds in the bag. There isn't that much left, but I filled the drop spindle last night and it didn't look like it made a dent in the fiber mass. I do have some lovely skeins of this - once I'm finished, I'll post a picture. Still tempted Amy?

I'm going to work today, come hell or ice and snow. I had to give myself a time out yesterday when I found myself thinking, "maybe John List wasn't crazy after all."

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