Monday, November 03, 2003!!!

(Remember Janice from Friends?)

SOAR was fabulous. I can't even describe how fabulous it was. There's something about a week with like-minded people that just changes your attitude. Huge kudos go out to the Interweave Press staff - Nancy Disney, Vicki Yost, Amy Clarke, Liz Gipson, and Carol (I don't remember her last name, but she's Linda Ligon's assistant), these women worked tirelessly to make sure everyone had a good time. Also, the staff at Shanty Creek was amazing. We had good food, good meeting rooms, and clean guest rooms to go back to each night.

Jillian's last e-mail to me on October 24 said "BUY EVERYTHING." Well, I didn't buy everything, but I did give it the old college try. Here's a short list:

spinning chair from Winsome Timbers
a dark brown Polworth fleece and a hoget combed top in the Lakeshore colorway from Rovings
assorted colors of Bullen's Woolens from Deb Menz (for a project I'll explain later)
4 different colors of silk (in 25 gm bags) from Treenway Silks
a Katie-a-Go-Go from Susan's Fiber Shop
Isn't it cool? Mine's made from Ambrosia Maple and has a cool pattern in it. I opened every Kate she had to get the prettiest one.

freeze dried indigo from Carolina Homespun
an orange roving from Bonkers
some cinammon alpaca from a place in Ohio (can't remember the name)
and a few other fibers (I'll have photos later in the week)

I went with the intention of buying this: That's a Fiona wheel from Winsome Timbers. I sat, I spun, I thought. It occurred to me that I have a very heavy wheel (Schact) and it's a little difficult to transport back and forth from classes. I thought some more and came to the conclusion that I needed a portable wheel. I tried this one: It's a Majacraft Gem and has a triangle for an orifice. I didn't like it. It "thrummed" when I spun on it. I don't know if that makes sense or not, but it made this noise and vibration that was really irritating to me. I did see some with the regular orifice, but apparently Majacraft doesn't make it like that anymore.

Then I tried this one: It's a Canadian made Lendrum and spins like a dream. I thought I'd found my portable wheel. It folds over and fits in a bag you can wear on your back (of course the bag is extra). I told Gordon Lendrum that I'd think about it and figured I'd be back later to exchange money and wheel.

Then I turned a corner and saw this: (Okay, I didn't really see that one - I saw a double treadle one, but I prefer single treadle.) Jonathan Bosworth sort of beckoned me over and said, "Have a seat and try it out." I fell in love - with the wheel, not him (although he's a very nice man). My friend Nancy had a seat and spun for a while. We both said, "It's nice," and walked on. Truth is, it spins like heaven. It was set up for Scotch tension (I prefer double drive), but I had no trouble adjusting it so the take up was perfect for me. The fiber slipped through my fingers and made a perfect, even yarn. Nancy stopped at a booth just a ways down and I kept looking back at that Journey Wheel. I sneaked back to the booth and sat down again. While I was in spinning heaven, Jonathan came back and said, "Ah, you're back." He gave me a demonstration on how to change the bobbin (way easy) and how to close it up. The thing folds up to about the size of carry-on luggage; and it weighs only 15 pounds. Have you figured it out yet? I put down a deposit on the Journey Wheel. I can take delivery in November or February (which ever I prefer). I believe I'll be taking deliver in November - I don't know if I can wait until February.

Okay, I took lots of pictures, but left the disks at home this morning. I'll give you all a full report on the classes and the people as the week goes on. I've given you lots of stuff to look at today - imagine seeing all this (and lots more) in person - it's overwhelming! Look around and have a good time.

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