Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Results of the Workshops

Okay, yesterday you saw some of my samples from Spinning Wool 201. On Wednesday evening, after dinner, we got to travel around to other people's workshops to see their results. My friend Nancy took the workshop on spinning with colored rovings with Lynne Vogel. Here are some shots of what they did.

Each person had to spin yarn and make a finished product with it. Nancy made the small bag at the top of the screen. You can also see her "energized singles," look for the point protectors and the bobbin in front of her little bag. You can also see the "beer cozy" that one womn made.

Apparently, when the class was making up their display, the bags looked a little funny lying flat on the table, so they were discussing things to put inside the bags to make them dimensional. When the class suggested that one woman's bag looked like a toilet paper cozy, she took them up on it. Here is the toilet paper cozy in all it's glory!

Lynne taught a variety of ways in which you can use rovings with dozens of colors in them without making muddy yarn. This intrigued me because I've seen gorgeous rovings that just end up making terrible yarn. I stepped into this workshop a couple of times and the class seemed to be having a good time - and it was a huge class!

These are from the needle felting workshop (forgive me, but I don't know who taught the class):

Isn't she the most gorgeous thing?! I asked the woman who was doing her if she was going to have a tattoo of sailor on her arm. No deal.

These 2 are absolutely my favorite. You can't see much detail, but the piece made me thing of Rodin's The Kiss. Nancy and I walked around on Tuesday night and saw most of the dolls complete - they did these in 2 days! One the third day, they made 2-dimensional pictures. It looked like a really cool class.

Nancy Schroyer taught a class on fair isle techniques. Here are some samples from that class:

They all used the same pattern for their swatches. It's amazing how different each piece can look when all you change are the colors. There was a bit of homework for this class as they all had to finish a sizeable sample. They cut steeks and put in button holes - all in 3 days. It's amazing what you can get done when all you have to focus on is fiber!

Okay, back to work for me. Tomorrow: Friday retreat sessions.

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