Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Let's Start with This

They're still the leaders of the long blue train. Go Lance!!

More eye candy...what could this be? Cashmere from School Products, of course. Courtesy of my friend Jillian who just came back from a jaunt in New York. Does the woman know me or what? All that cashmerey goodness with an orange kicker. It's a boucle and it's lovely and soft. I can't decide whether to knit with it or just pet it forever.

And speaking of pets, a little sympathy here. This is Hub's dog. She's a Brittany Spaniel and quite the little bird dog. Anyway, he took her for a ride in his monster ATV and she got bored. What's a little dog to do? She jumped off...while he was moving. She limped around for a couple of days and when he took her to the vet they discovered a toe so broken that they took it off. Now she just looks pathetic all day. I had to remind her that she's not 20 anymore, but I don't think she believes it.

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