Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I told my husband he'd better come home with some of this:

if he wanted to continue living in my house. I fully expect a 6-pack in the fridge when I come home tonight. It's the least he can do for me.

So, I've been procrastinating (what's new?). I don't know if it's that I'm waiting for Spring or waiting for my sister-in-law to leave, or what exactly I'm waiting for...but I'm waiting. I did manage to finish Kit's blanket. I washed it and layed it out on the table and Sassy's been dancing around it ever since. "You know, Kit's cold. When does she get her blanket?" It was dry last night and I grabbed the camera to take a picture and the batteries are dead. Sassy had Kit sitting up and draped the blanket artfully and everything. It's off to Target today to pick up batteries.

I finally started on the gloves I bought yarn for when Jillian and I tripped to Grand Rapids last Spring. Discovered I have to knit them on US 1s and that I don't have any short 1s. I guess a trip to the yarn shop is in order.

Spring break is coming up for my kids in about 3 weeks. I convinced Hub that this is the perfect time to attack our basement. He bought a power washer last fall (to clean his boat) and I talked him into power washing the walls and painting with that water-repelling paint. Our basement gets so wet in the Spring, so I'm hopeful that this will take care of some of the problem. Hub thinks this is a good time to replace the teeny-tiny windows that are down there to let more light in - a good plan! We also need to muck out the junk. I don't know why, but the garage and basement seem to collect stuff. We're all semi-packrats...well, you can imagine how much there is in the basement. My plan is to get a dumpster and throw tons of it out; anything that's still useful will go into a garage sale pile; anything that anyone wants to keep needs to be justified (me included). I even recruited my parents to help. My dad is great as long as he has a project - he'll stick around for the whole week if I can keep him busy!

I was just over on Pioneer Melissa's blog and apparently she's doing it too! I guess I'm in good company. Anyone want to join an "Organize Along"? After the basement, I need to tackle the living room. It's had 3 different big paint swatches up for the last 5 months. It's time to fish or cut bait.

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