Friday, April 02, 2004

And the wheel, goes round...

This is the first spring that I've officially had Start-itis. Seriously, it really hasn't hit me with this magnitude before. I have 3 different spinning projects going. Here's what's on the Journey Wheel:

That roving is called Sapphire and it's from my friend Liz. She has an amazing color combination sense. Her rovings all sell out when she brings them to our guild sales. I was very lucky and she still had some of this available. Go check out her other colors.

This is some silk I bought at SOAR last fall at the Treenway Silks booth. Can you read the tag? It's the Spice Market colorway

And here's what it looks like on my Schacht:

I think I'll be spinning this up and trying some of Lynne Vogel's techniques to get the colors to stay separate. They all look gorgeous together, but I would like to see them individually.

I also have something going on my hand spindle, but I think I've shown that before. In any case, I didn't snap a picture of that this morning.

It's a short entry today, because I got my eyes dilated at the eye clinic this morning. I'm still wearing my sunglasses indoors and I still look stoned. I went to the clinic because I'm really tired of wearing glasses and would like to just have those funky reading glasses. However, I hate having my eyes messed with. I told the tech walking me through all the diagnostic machines that I was leery about this procedure because I couldn't close my eyes and not watch (I have to avert my eyes when they take blood or give one of my kids a shot!). She laughed. So anyway, has anyone had this done? Is it worth it? How much does it hurt (because I'm such a baby - despite two natural childbirths)? Someone reassure me, dammit!

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