Monday, December 16, 2002

Just had a lovely weekend doing nothing. We're heading out for Pennsylvania early on Thursday for my brother-in-law's wedding and yesterday was my last chance to just hang out. I did what we used to do before we had kids - wallow in bed. One of those days where I got up early, ate breakfast, knit for a while, and went back to take a nap - luxury!!

I am up to the band on the Dacapo. Then I just have to sew up the sleeve seams. I tried it on last night and the husband was very appreciative - "Wow, that looks terrific!" Nice feeling. So, with just a little bit to go, it must be time to pull out the next pattern!! I'm thinking about a nice pattern for the cashmere I picked up at Stitches East. I bought the Sweater Wizard software and I think it's time to take it for a test run.

Back to work - only 3 more days until vacation!